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Kelly Davis
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Default July 30 show - Joliet, IL

Set list from July 30 at the beautiful Rialto Theatre!!!

Gordon - black jacket

1. Sweet Guinevere
2. Did She Mention My Name?
3. Waiting For You
4. Never Too Close
5. Don Quixote
6. Clouds Of Loneliness
7. A Painter Passing Through
8. Christian Island
9. Shadows
10. Beautiful
11. The Watchman's Gone
12. The Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald
13. Carefree Highway

(Intermission) Gordon told the audience "...... whatever you have to do, do it in 20 minutes......." (got a laugh)

Gordon - red jacket (When Gordon came out he said, "This is an example of where change is good!" (I assume he meant the jacket)

14. The Pony Man
15. Now And Then
16. Ribbon Of Darkness
17. Sundown
18. I'd Rather Press On
19. Minstrel Of The Dawn (before song, Gord said, "Get back to the first song I recorded for Warner Brothers.")
20. Let It Ride (seemed like they turned up the volume and rocked a little more on this one tonight!! - was great!!)
21. If You Could Read My Mind (standing ovation from us and a few down front - "What's wrong with you people???!!!")
22. Restless
23. Baby Step Back
24. Early Morning Rain

When Gord came back out, he said, "This isn't going to be like a Las Vegas show, where you see five encores. Just one." (got a laugh)

25. Cold On The Shoulder

Got to meet with Mike, Rick and Gordon after the show. Gord signed our 'Complete Greatest Hits' and 1968 Macleans magazine cover. (I told him, "Here, you can sign your name right next to the picture of this handsome young man!"

Gordon told us he was having trouble with Rionosis (? - nasal infection?). He used a nasal spray a couple of times. At one point he handed the dispenser to Carter as if to say, "Here, like to try it?" Carter declined - got a laugh)

Gordon sounded good tonight. He had a few days off to rest before tonight.

This was our 22nd show since 1991. (Should we go for 25? Why not?)
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