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Old 02-15-2007, 05:29 PM   #1
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Despite the title,this news is not a joke!

Someone is actually fascinated enough with this story that happened back in '89/'90 to make a movie about it! I think it's kind of a silly idea but who knows?

Check it out @ IMDB:

I remember that whole incident so well,I most likely will skip the film if made. Thr pair (Rob & Fab)were originally dancers in Germany who met up with Frank Farian,record producer. He hired them to be in the music videos for the act.

When Milli Vanilli came out on Arista records,in 1989 with "Girl,You Know It's True",
I (and practically anyone with great musical taste)went "Ugh!" [img]tongue.gif[/img]

I still bought their singles because,
I collect hits anyway but as one reviewer said of their music,"If they're trying to sound "street" it's most likely "Sesame Street"! LOL! :D

Still they had big hits in 1989.
..."True" went to #2,then three #1's in a row!

"Baby,Don't Forget My Number" (July).

"Girl,I'm Gonna Miss You" (Sept. and actually the best out of their five hits).

"Blame It On The Rain" in November.
Which by that time the rumors of their "fakery" were running rampant. Mostly due to a backing track "skipping" at a concert.

In Jan. of 1990 they hit #4 with,"All Or Nothing" and in Feb. won the Grammy Best New Artist.
Then producer Frank Farian outed them (Rob & Fab) when they were going to confess to the public that they didn't sing and also,tell on Farian himself.

As most know,they had to return their Grammy. Naturally,the public humiliation was unbearable. Especially with Arsenio Hall having made fun of them since day one on his talk show!

"Rob & Fab" tried to pick up the pieces and recorded under that moniker for an independent label and sang live and for real,"We Can Get It On"on "Arsenio" in 1993. (I still have that cassette single). It didn't help though.

His family no longer speaking to him because he had "shamed them",Rob Pilatus took it the hardest. He tried to kill himself in 1991 (found hanging from a hotel balcony) but,unfortunately succeeded in 1998 with pills and alcohol.

That was not long after a "Behind The Music" special about Milli Vanilli. Fab Morvan still records music and has been able to grow past the incident.

The real singers were three men in thier 30's,who,in Farian's opinion,weren't photogenic enough for MtV. A lot of people still don't know that.
They did an interview on a network magazine show showing they really were the singers.

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