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Old 06-27-2006, 06:19 PM   #1
Jesse Joe
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Toronto (CP)- A transatlantic couple plans to invite Canadian singer/songwriter Gordon Lightfoot to their wedding after one of them saved the life of the other while chatting on a Web site devoted to the folksy musician.

Engineer John Fowles of Sherborne, a village of 9,000 in Dorset, England, was in a chat room with fellow Lightfoot devotee Susan Harrigan of New-Jersey when his typing became irregular.

"My leg had been funny all day, and my left arm, and that night we had a regular chat session going." Fowles said this week from Dorset County Hospital.

Harrigan, a social worker and former stroke rehabilitation worker, knew something was wrong with Fowles, who lived in Montreal for six years and is a Canadian citizen.

"She said it sounds like you've had a stroke. You better get to the hospital or phone a doctor,'" Fowles recalled.

"She knew the phone number of my best friend here and she threatened to phone him and wake him up in the middle of the night if I didn't do what she said," he said.

Fowles called a nearby emergency ward and was admitted that night to hospital, where a scan confirmed Harrigan's diagnosis. He's been recovering there ever since.

When Harrigan flew to England to visit her cyberspace companion, Fowles, who turned 59 last week, proposed marriage.

The couple- who met last November in Toronto while attending a Lightfoot concert - want to invite the renowned musician to their nuptials, planned for late June.

"It would be fantastic, wouldn't it?" said Fowles, who became a fan of Lightfoot after seeing the singer in a Montreal coffee shop during Expo'67.

Lightfoot is on tour in the northeast United States and couldn't be reached for comment.

E N D.

Taken from: The Moncton Times & Transcript... Moncton New-Brunswick. CANADA.

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Old 06-27-2006, 11:44 PM   #2
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I realize that I'm getting old and the memory isn't what it used to be, but didn't you already post this - back when you first joined us? If I'm thinking of something else, please forgive me and disregard
"I'm too young to be so cynical, too old to be naive" ~Mark Erelli
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Old 06-28-2006, 04:53 AM   #3
Jesse Joe
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Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: Canada
Posts: 6,863

Yes my Dear Janice,

This had been posted earlier, but I had deleted it when me and John got into a bit of a disagreement.

And last night, 06-27-2006. John sent me different things in a private message including his Toronto Star article of the story. So I told him on the Confederation Bridge Post, that I felt I had to put it back on the board.

You had a right to ask Janice...JJ.
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