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Old 10-15-2010, 09:57 PM   #1
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Default Wausau, WI: 10/13/10

Hi again everyone:

Sorry I didn't get to this last night. It's been a long week!

Wednesday dawned and I had a much shorter drive from Eau Claire to Wausau. Upon reaching Wausau, I scoped out the Grand Theatre. I had trouble finding the theatre in Eau Claire the night before in the dark. Eau Claire is not a very large town but none of the streets downtown seem to meet in right angles. Fortunately, downtown Wausau was much easier to navigate. Plus, I saw Gord's semi-truck first, so I knew I was in the neighborhood.

The Grand Theatre is a pretty typical restored theatre, far more ornate than Eau Claire's was. It was sold-out (est. 1,200) and a very warm, but polite audience greeted Gord and the guys with a standing ovation. Gord and the band didn't let us down. This may have been the most consistent and strongest show I have seen Gord perform since his return from his 2002 illness. His vocals were very good throughout, he was entertaining and chatty enough, and I thought several of the songs were just nailed. Just once he went back from the mike, leaned sharply down and was obviously clearing his sinuses. When he got back up, he quipped that he was just taking a "deep bow." With his long hair, it looked like a mop shaking.

The songs Shadows and Beautiful were especially strong. Restless was done flawlessly too. He rarely made lyric mistakes- just a couple of minor ones. Amazing for a performer of any age. Well folks-here is the set list with an unexpected song in the 2nd set:

Did She Mention My Name
Carefree Highway
Sea of Tranquility
14 Karat Gold
Never Too Close
A Painter Passing Through
Let It Ride
Rainy Day People
The Watchman's Gone
Ribbon of Darkness
Wreck of the E.F.

Cotton Jenny
Home from the Forest
Waiting For You
Make Way for the Lady
If You Could Read My Mind
Don Quixote
Baby Step Back
Canadian Railroad Trilogy
Encore: Song for a Winter's Night

Gord did much better on the Trilogy than he had done two nights before. He said he did it by request because someone had called his office in Toronto about five weeks previously!

He introduced Painter by calling it some inversion of the D chord. The explanation went over my head. On Monday night in Manitowac, he went into a fuller explanation of only writing in 5 keys....... he named four of them and said he couldn't remember the 5th !

I'm no musical expert but I can see the non-verbal communication going on between the band members and they obviously continuously adjust.

He introduced the Fitzgerald and explained the hatch cover issue and the new line he wrote for it. He apologized but said he can't change the recording now.

For the third straight night, I had to hear Gord tell the same dumb jokes about the hair on the rabbit and why the moon is pale. Please Gord, call a comedian and get some new jokes. I can't imagine how the band guys are doing with this joke after so long!

I certainly didn't expect to hear "Couchiching" and was my first time to hear that one in concert. Barry has some great percussion work on this one.

I sat next to a young couple who were attending their first concert. He said he was a long-time Gord fan but only had 4 of the albums. (He was quite surprised when I told him there were 20 albums now!) I wrote down this website on a notepad for him and also told him that if he should get one more album, it should be "Shadows." I apologize to his wife (Fay or Faith??) in advance because Tom would probably be absorbing all this new information about Gordon.

The audience appeared pleased as we left. I certainly was. The 965 miles in my 2001 Toyota Corolla were fun. As I listened to Gord at night, I mainly listened to Bob Dylan in the car, reviewing his old albums I had listened to in years. Two legends with few peers.

As I am an accountant, here are the stats: 3 concerts. 79 songs. 38 different songs. I salute Gord for the added variety of the set lists than had been the case in recent years. It does make it more interesting for us loyal fans.

I look forward to hearing concert observations from Aurora, IL, Friday and the western half of the United States in November. Thanks in advance to all those who write.

Gord- please return to Minnesota next April when the weather gets nice! We'd be glad to have you here.

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Old 10-15-2010, 10:16 PM   #2
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Default Re: Wausau, WI: 10/13/10

Love the accountant stats!
I guess Gord's inner ear problem was acting up. I still can't figure how taking a drink and then bending over helps but if it works then it works!
I watch the band when Gord tells his jokes and sometimes they actually look like they are genuinely laughing..I can't figure why because even the first time hearing them isn't a laugh out loud chuckle!

That young fella has some serious shopping to do. If he shows up here we'll set him right.

Glad to hear you're safe and sound and had such terrific concerts AND got to hear Couchiching and Home From The Forest! Surprising that he did Couchiching tho.

thanks for the reports John..
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Old 10-15-2010, 11:03 PM   #3
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Default Re: Wausau, WI: 10/13/10

Originally Posted by seafarer62 View Post
On Monday night in Manitowac, he went into a fuller explanation of only writing in 5 keys....... he named four of them and said he couldn't remember the 5th !
another grand write up - we await the arrival of the new young stranger here

i'm thinking Gord writes in the guitar keys of C D E G and A (ie. avoids F and B) but many more are in a few of the relative minor keys of the above such as Dm Em and Am...i will have to check out APPT for this D inversion comment

38 different songs, eh...who can complain about that diversity? (except me, lol)

wow, your assessment of his vocals being best since 2003 is exciting to hear!

thanks for bringing you experiences to us, i don't read every review but didn't miss a word of these...cheers
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Old 10-16-2010, 06:53 AM   #4
Dave, Melbourne,Australia
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Default Re: Wausau, WI: 10/13/10

Seafarer John,

Thanks for another excellent (Wisconsin) road trip/concert review.


Dave from the Appleton WI 2008 concert.
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