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Default Re: Softly Cover

Originally Posted by JohnStinson View Post
I'm no lawyer..

I checked into this a couple of years ago..I wanted to know what 'live' performers had to do to legally play 'cover' tunes in public places.

I spoke to someone at SOCAN. (the canadian org)
He told me I didn't need a license.

But with this thread, I went back and looked up SOCAN references. ..and it still looks like there is something that I might have to do for 'public' performances.

In general there has been more a push on establishments like restaurants and bars to pay a fee. In fact, performers hired by the establishment are covered under the establishments license..if he has one. ..i think.

'Recording' any cover and selling it needs a license AND permission from the author.

This internet thing is new and a 'wild west' attitude is slowly coming to and end. BUT the pressure is not on guys like me...although we are involved in the crime. It is YouTUbe who is profiting from any popular 'cover' and it is YouTube that should be required to pay the fee and license. They are, to my opinion, the bar owner here. Yes, I did the recording (taped the song).. bu it is YouTuve who are in fact selling it. At least IMHO.

I just downloaded a application form from SOCAN... gonna see if they want my money...LOL ..
Just an afterthought on this one John.

I remember working the bar scene years ago in Toronto and the question of performing cover tunes tunes on a regular basis came up in some of the discussions we were having with a club owner and he informed us that his license permitted cover tunes to be performed. It appears this is standard with most licensed establishments in Ontario.

There is information on this at: NRCC stands for Neighbouring Rights Collective of Canada.

"Be careful while bending the law"

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