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Old 03-08-2006, 10:01 AM   #1
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there is a thread on the newsgroup about this at:-
In addition to amusing comments by Ed Mullen regarding his wife's new job and their imminent move to some place called Toronto
today in a second posting by Lightfoot website pioneer Matthew Fifer (posting as "Unison") Matt declared:-
"i think it's been 10 or so years since my last massey visit! (where
was that pre-party? the posters on the wall were something. and the
late nights in the hotel with the pile of guitars and everyone taking
i think it's time for another.
count me in!"
For those who do not already know Matt had to abandon his old site when he moved on and no longer had use of his free university webspace.
where his GL site was designed as an example to show his students what the internet could be used for
It is nevertheless archived by the wonderful internet archive and accessible by their "Wayback Machine".
One such archive is more or less complete vand can be found by using my "notlong" link at:-
Interestingly although most archived pages I have explored fail to include graphics the "Gord and you" section on Matthew's site does show clickable thumbnails
one of the full sized pix is one of "Zippoman" Derek Kidd:-

the link to "the band" will still open individual pages and the link to "FAQ"'s goes to Wayne Francis' original comprehensive sheets that he subsequently used to make his current site
A small number of links and details are obviously obsolete and several pages that I know were on Matt's site are not linked at all, notably the page on the Restless bridge with a link to a wav file of Matt demonstrating it on his own guitar,
John Fowles
here is a great Aphabetic Song List which enables you to quickly locate which album a particular song appears on

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Old 03-08-2006, 08:47 PM   #2
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I'll have to get Gloria to decipher 90% of this,but I sure know of Matthew Fifer.I still have many of the original's He sent me way back in days of old.Just a guess,but back then,Matthew and Wayne were the only ones that were online when you looked up Gordon Lightfoot music...So many thanks
Thanks John
Brian W.
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