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I'm sorry to learn of the passing of Tony Rice. Thank you sharing the very sad news and the links.

I have several albums where artists cover songs only written by Lightfoot ("Tony Rice Sings Gordon Lightfoot", "The Long River: A Personal Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot" by J.P. Cormier, "Beautiful: A Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot" (by various artists), "Love and Maple Syrup - The Piano of John Arpin Plays Gordon Lightfoot", "Tapestries - The Music of Gordon Lightfoot" by Perry Novak and Bob Volkman with Ernest Lyons, "Lullaby Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot" (by the Lullaby Players) and "Max Wiseman Sings Gordon Lightfoot"). The albums by Tony Rice and J.P. Cormier are my two favourites among such albums.

If you are open to bluegrass interpretations of Lightfoot's music, I strongly recommend the album "Tony Rice Sings Gordon Lightfoot".

On the back cover of "Tony Rice Sings Gordon Lightfoot", Lightfoot is quoted as saying the following about the album: ". . . fantastic contemporary bluegrass renditions of these songs . . . the musicianship on the collection is marvellous, getting into some high profile instrumental work. Thank you, Tony." (The ellipses are part of the quotation that is included on the back cover of the album.)

If an album is good enough for Gordon Lightfoot . . .
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