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Default Re: Kris Kristofferson: An Outlaw at 80

Well, he was just a jerk when he was younger.

EXAMPLE: In 1974 we went to his concert one work night in San Jose, CA. We were really tired but very much looking forward to it even though the tickets were overpriced. We had to get a baby sitter, etc. He didn't sing a single song. He was falling down drunk - sloppy. belligerent & mean. He knew more swear words than I did. He ranted & raged for at least an hour. Many people left long before we did. But when we did - we were DONE with Kris K forever. He was absolutely obnoxious. It was the day his daughter, Casey, was born. Don't try to tell me he "must have been celebrating" because he was obviously furious about something. What a jerk.

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