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Default Re: Two Gord songs on an Aussie's funeral album

Originally Posted by formerlylavender View Post
You've done the soundtrack of your life! And everyone you gave copies to will have a way to remember you once the time comes.

When my Mom passed away and the vocalist from church called to ask me if I'd like to include any specific songs, I couldn't think of many. I was reeling from the finality of it. I've since thought of songs that I should have included like A Mother's Love's a Blessing for my Irish born Mom. At least your loved ones will know.
You mention Ďthe soundtrack of your lifeí and mine could be filled 100% with GL songs.
Iíve found a Lightfoot track for most of the significant situations in my long life.

From meeting the girl who became my wife and a difficult courtship, to the tragic death of my son, Gordís words have upheld me.
There are other singer/songwriters whose music moves me, but not as consistently as Gordon Lightfoot.
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