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Default Two Gord songs on an Aussie's funeral album

(I'm posting this in General Discussion, but I don't mind if it gets moved to Small Talk.)

Following our ignorant panic trying to choose appropriate music for Dad's funeral last year, my sister made a home-recording for her far-future funeral and then I did the same for mine. I called it "The Dave B Soundtrack - Funeral tracks and 15 other classics". It has no commercial value; I just made copies to give to family and friends. It consists of 4 funeral tracks (including "Carefree Highway") and 15 album fillers (including "End Of All Time").

The album cover photo was taken during a poor attempt at air guitar back in 1980:
/Users/user/Desktop/Dave CD cover_Mixed.pdf

For the back cover, I added notes to some of the 19 tracks:
Cat Stevens "Whistlestar" 1975
James Taylor "You Can Close Your Eyes" 1971
Gordon Lightfoot "Carefree Highway" 1974
Jethro Tull "Elegy" 1979
* * *
Van Morrison "Snow in San Anselmo" 1973
Van Morrison "Wild Children" (from live album 1974)
Bob Seger "Mainstreet" 1977
Peter Cetera "No Explanation" (Me & Deb's song 1990)
(By D Foster & others - from the movie "Pretty Woman")
Mary Black "The Shadow" Discovered via Deb 1990
(By D Long - re Cork's Michael Collins in the 1920s)
The Saw Doctors "All The Way From Tuam"
(Played loud in Irish car on morning of wedding day 1992)
Jackson Browne "I'm Alive" 1993
Shane Howard "Trouble" 1993
Broderick Smith "Walking On The Ribs Of The Land" 1995
Jethro Tull "Another Harry's Bar" 1995
C Burwell/J Russo "Theme from Fargo" 1996
(My favourite US movie - This version is TV series 3 update)
Grimethorpe Colliery Band "En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor" 1996
(By Rodrigo/Segura - From my favourite UK movie "Brassed Off")
James Taylor "Enough To Be On Your Way" 1997
Cat Stevens "Two Fine People"
(Made me cry driving home after Ciara & Niamh born 1998)
Gordon Lightfoot "End Of All Time"
(Struck a chord after Dad's passing in 2017)

I invite any feedback from the Corfid community.
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