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Default Re: Englewood New Jersey 8 August 2017 setlists

Originally Posted by charlene View Post
this guy gets it: NJ

Gordon Lightfoot sings hits and more in Englewood
Great find Char but to add a bit more to it
there is one rather nice and very pertinent comment on this article

Great review! Taking the artists age and history into account and providing an honest assessment, influenced by admiration and satisfaction. I saw him five years ago and it was very similar. Aged but proud!
It drives me flipping nuts when people comment on he Stephen Stills / Judy Collins tour and claim Stills voice is shot. Of course it’s fucking shot! If you saw CSN or The Rides over the past fifteen years you would had have a flipping clue. His voice is shot! Yeah, and you’ve gained weight!! Shut the hell up and respect an artist that has been able to maintain progression in his craft as he reaches an age that I’m praying to reach. I’m glad you enjoyed the show. I need a drink…
Also the full text of the article that Char posted includes a hyperlink referring to his admission
"After writing a post about how much I was looking forward to this show,"
that quote phrase in the article was in fact a hyperlink to:-
several people had warned me that Lightfoot’s voice was not in great shape, and that I shouldn’t get my hopes up too much.
They were right - to an extent. Lightfoot’s voice, once so rich and resonant, has indeed grown thin and weak. He is now 78, and has had some serious health issues over the last 15 years.
the hyperlink is to a previous article by the same reporter
which features the same photo of Gordon

[I]I can’t think of any Gordon Lightfoot song I don’t like. Everytime I hear a song of his, it’s like I wish it would last forever." Bob Dylan
"It’s just like that’s what should be in a dictionary, you know, next to a really good contemporary folk song, is a Gordon Lightfoot song." John PrinePeople who go to a lot of concerts and I know there are a lot of them among readers will recognize this phenomenon. There’s an artist you’ve always liked, but you’ve just never managed to see. Not for any particular reason: It just never happened. And then, finally, you get the chance.
I’ve been a fan of Gordon Lightfoot since the ’70s. Not a huge, know-every-word-to-every-song kind of fan, but a big fan, nevertheless. And in almost 40 years of frequent concert-going, and more than 30 years of professional reviewing, I’ve never seen him live.
And that’s kind of ridiculous, given that he seems to be on the road pretty much all the time. Even now, at 78.
But I’m going to see him Aug. 8 at Bergen PAC in Englewood. I just saw it on the schedule and felt, strongly, "No, you’re not going to miss him again, this time."
So the point of this post is just to say, I’m very happy that Gordon Lightfoot is still on the road, and that there are places like BergenPAC that give people like him an opportunity to perform in New Jersey, and that I’m going to be able to see him. Finally.
I’m really looking forward to this show. Just thinking about it makes me feel, in some small way, like being a teenager again, listening to the Sundown album over and over. Not just the megahit title track but "Carefree Highway" and "The Watchman’s Gone" and "Circle of Steel" and "The List" songs that are embedded into my mind just as deeply as just about any music of that era.
So I just wanted to share that, and to say I’d be interested in hearing from you: Are there any musicians you have always wanted to see in concert, but keep missing for one reason or another? Or have you had any memorable experiences seeing someone in concert for the first time after being a fan for many years? Please let me know in the comments section below.
there are so far two comments the first extolling similar virtues for Smokey Robinson the other just:-
"Saw him at Carnegie Hall in the early ’70s"
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