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Originally Posted by Jim Nasium View Post
John, some years ago you somehow tracked down my Ex Directory phone number and we had a little chat. Do you recall that? My name then was Dave, and it still is.
Yes I do Dave I probably used the excellent services of,uk
BUT to do so you must have given me your real name first (in an email possibly??)
on another tack last night I had a dream
Yesterday I read your comment regarding the International Date Line then a bit later I watched the US ABC Television program Jeopadry. one of the answers to its questions in the category "Films" was "Round The World in 80 Days"
After going to bed and falling asleep my imagination having absorbed those two subjects began forming a somewhat implausable dream....
In it I was reading a newspaper report of the announcement by an about to be re-nationalised Britsh Airways that they had secured the rights to the first sub-orbital hypersonic transtlantic flights. and had decided to celebrate their last day as a Margaret Thatcher privatised entity by offering a flight from London to New York and back that would arrive back in London 4 hours before it took off, and for a small extra sum they could throw in a 5 hour tour of Manhatten to reduce the impact of this unprecedented and potentially awkward/dangerous time shift.
one inspired comment on the article was to the effect that today even without the benefit of Hypersonic or even Supersonic (Concorde) aircraft being avalable it still was eminently possible to fly London-NewYork>LosAngeles> Brisbane>Perth>and arrive back in London the day before you left thereby going "Around The World in Minus One Day". I have yet to prove to myself that that feat would be possible using the EXISTING flight schedules as Jim in effect claimed but will be trying later and I will report back.Ain't life grand??!
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