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Originally Posted by charlene View Post
Toronto music historian, Nicholas Jennings has written some wonderful music related books - this is his latest-coming in September:

In view of the news that Nicholas Jennings' new book is due to become available in September I thought it worth resurrecting this old thread that covers an old article at:-
that article includes this interesting comment.
"It was a great run while I was doing it," Lightfoot says about his compositional output, which resulted in an astonishing 400 published songs (234 of which hes recorded)"
Come on
Gord there is obviously absolutely no need to even think about having to write any new songs for another album when there are apparently 166 more already publshed but evidently unrecorded songs from your "output". Surely there must be enough good unrecorded material there for at least one CD???

Also of interest in that old article is this display of an old concert poster allegedly for an Opera House concert somewhere (unspecified) on "Sunday May 16th".
Here is the concert poster in that article:-

where its file name is Lighfootposter.jpg

using Mr Google's "reverse image search" system I found that that image is also on
using the filename operaho.jpg
and on pinterest on a Lightfoot "Tour Schedules' images page at:-
where it bears the unwieldly filename 62/7a/fa627af1c9ad95b5c02c458a6cea701b.jpg

Whilst Gord has undoubtedly appeared on the stages of the Opera Houses in San Francisco, Seattle (7PM and 10PM on 16 May 1974),Spokane and Sydney (September 1974) (bootleg recordings of the first two are in circulation and can be heard on Sugarmegs).
However the poster's alleged date is rather suspect
Sunday May 16th (but in what year??)
And here is one example of CD jewel case artwork (albeit for a later 1975 Seattle OH concert)

I have checked and My 16th fell on a Sunday in
19711976 1982 1993 1999 2004 and 2010 but according to Wayne's comprehensive tour schedule pages for those years Gord was not out singing on May 16 in any of those years.
Strangely though the two Seattle Opera House concerts I mentioned above were on May 16 1974 and bootlegs are in circulion for both concerts but that year May 16th was a Thursday!!

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