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Default Re: My Favorite Gordon Lyrics

This is a great thread, but the hardest one to answer! Here are some lyrics that have grabbed my imagination:

"It's a wicked wind and it chills me to the bone"

"As the morning stars grow dim, they will find us in the shadows fast asleep"

"May all your martinis be forever dry"

"Songs of the season, apples of the sun"

"Hear the steeple bell ring out above my lobster pots"

"And may this gale blow us to the ones we love"

"Paper matches in the afternoon, cups of tea and all of that Zen"

"Each and every bad dream will be hammered into dust"

"In the quietude of winter, you can hear the wild geese cry"

"I can feel that restless yearning of those geese as off they roam, then trade that for a warm bed and a place I can call home"

"She ain't the kind who would soon step aside, pay any dues at the expense of her pride"

"Wouldn't you like to be right now, out where the actors play; so much for your disguise"

"Cats and dogs and baby smiles will drive my loneliness away"

"All dressed up to be somebody, all I need is a friendly face, with my midnight crowd to glide through, clouds of empty space"
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