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Default Re: Gord's Songs About Summer.

Thanks for the links jj and Affair. I like it - sad! - but I'd have to listen to it more.

I agree jj SSOL references war in general not just vietnam. It's timeless really. Both my husband and my sister, who like Gord but are not big fans, (separately) picked SSOL as a favorite years ago. Summertime Dream is so upbeat - love it too. Definitely a toe tapper Bend in the Water is also a summer song imo.

I'd love to hear your band's version of SSOL. I gave up hope of Gord doing it at a show after he said "it doesn't hold up well on stage" or something like that. At least we have the SSOL concert from the 70s to watch.

I miss all the fun threads and of course the quizzes of yesteryear! We are well, jj, thanks! I hope you and your family are too
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