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Default Re: "Daylight Katie" has passed!

Cathy Coonley, mother of Eric was the subject of DAYLIGHT KATY ..

Cathy Smith was inspiration for: SUNDOWN, RAINY DAY PEOPLE, YOU ARE WHAT I AM.
Cathy Smith sang background on HIGH AND DRY.

Much of the Cold on The Shoulder LP is about her and their relationship and breakup. COLD ON THE SHOULDER, NOW AND THEN, A TREE TOO WEAK TO STAND, SLIDE ON OVER.
JACKIE Ward singers on COTS LP - The Jackie Ward singers sang on COTS album -

The band did some background singing in some tunes back then.

The woman on the cover of COTS was a fan he dated - Jan Stephenson.

DREAMLAND from Endless Wire LP was rooted in the jealous nature of his relationship with Cathy Smith.
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