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Default Fine As Fine Can Be-Massey Hall 2009

from lori: recored on Saturday Nov.21, 2009.
Lori just missed the intro of the song as being written for his daughter Ingrid when she was 8 years old. he looked at her sitting in the front row while he sang a large portion of the song directly to her. it was very touching.
I hope someone caught the it if you have it please!
It was lovely and Ingrid told me later that it was special that he does that for her. It is one of my faves and is special for my daughter and me too which Ingrid said she remembered me telling her a few years ago..
she has forgotten her password and may re-register but says hello to all corfidians. she explained to some of her friends who I was and about this website and said we were 'corfidians'. I was shocked that she remembered that and that I had told her about the large stained glass piece I made for her father when she asked if he had got it yet!

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