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Default Re: Fine as Fine Can Be

Crawling out of my lurkdom here . . .

My memory's a bit hazy on the exact details of Fine as Fine Can Be, but if I recall correctly the accompaniment was mostly guitar. I don't remember Mike having any more of a prominent role in it than other pieces. I think he mostly added some texture to the mix.

My overall impression of the song was that it was very gentle and sweet. As a second encore, it was a complete surprise following the rocking Blackberry Wine, but it had a lovely Lightfoot lullaby feel to it.

I wish I could give you some more details about the picking -- as I'm sitting here thinking about it, my mind is just playing back the intro to If Children Had Wings -- but if you can imagine a quiet, trickling guitar backdrop overlaying the shading provided by the keyboard you'd have it.

Of course, my memory could be way off. Maybe someone else can describe it more clearly for you!

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