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Default Re: FORBES magazine interview-Feb.2019

Great interview. Thanks, Char, for posting!
I always find it interesting to hear Gord's thoughts on touring. He has such a great attitude about it. Yes, we know he "loves the work," but I think it's also important to him to keep giving to his fans. He knows we still want to see him and hear him, he knows we'll keep coming as long as he'll keep showing up and plugging the cord into the D18.

On an different note, I remember Gord always talking about losing the Song of the Year Grammy for 1976 to Barry Manilow. Gord was nominated for "The Wreck" and lost out to "I Write the Songs," which, of course, was recorded by Barry Manilow, but not written by him. I think it's interesting that, in 2 weeks, Gord will be in Vegas, playing in the "Barry Manilow Theater" at the Westgate Hotel. The Westgate Hotel is the former Las Vegas Hilton, where Elvis played for many years. So, while Elvis may have left the building (and the planet), Gord will soon be there, still going 80 years strong. I wonder if the ghost of Elvis will be on the front row when Gord sings Early Morning Rain? And, even though it's the "Barry Manilow Theater"........Gord does, actually, "......write the songs...."
Just sayin'.

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