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Default Australian Football League Grand Final 1Oct2016

The 2016 final of Australian Rules football was played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground last Saturday and was attended by 99,981 people.

The bookmakers' favourites were the Sydney Swans, who were the 2005 and 2012 champions and started the 2016 finals in 1st place.

The underdogs and sentimental favourites were the Western Bulldogs (from Melbourne's western suburbs), who were only champions once (in 1954), had not contested a Grand Final since 1961 and had limped into the 2016 finals in 7th place and then beaten three clubs above them.

The game was close throughout the four quarters and had an amazing finish.
This shows the last few minutes of the game and the first minutes after it.
This shows the presentation to the winning team, including a gesture by the winning coach that reduced many Australians to tears.

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