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Default Re: 50 Year Anniversary - Edmund Fitzgerald

Launching Whistle 12:38 PM LIVE
I also have the launching whistle I blew to clear my crew from under the ship prior to launching. I will bring it with me for the meeting and will blow it at 12:38 - believe that was the time the fitz was launched.
See it LIVE click here - June 7, 2008

It never ceases to amaze me the ways in which this tragedy affected people who had no connection to the industry, my own family included. Would love to have postcards mailed to each of my two sons. When they were little, we used to attend the Blessing of the Fleet at Mariner's Church in the spring as well as the memorial service each November.

We made a trip to the U.P. when the oldest boy was just six or seven. One of our stops was The Valley Camp. We had a chance to go back a few summers ago for a second look. While we were walking the deck, my first-born confided that that previous visit was what convinced him to join the Coast Guard. His younger brother plans to join him in the service in the near future.

Please address them both to this address. The oldest is in the process of transfering to the USCGC Acushnet. We don't have an address for him in Ketchikan yet.


Ernie Brewer.
The first to receive the 2008 Official Certificate Of Excellenceaward. He was a welder from Great Lakes Engineering Works.
Only at the 50 Year Anniversary. June 7, 2008

WE will be there for the anniversary June 7th & 8th
would you please send the post card, certificate,
ticket and any other keepsakes you are giving, for
the asking, it would mean so much. I would be glad
to pay for them, let me know how much.
I have been looking forward to this Special Event!!!
Could you E Mail me a list of events for the
Anniversary? Edmund Fitzgerald 50th !!!!!
THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH Claude ( It's Free Thanks)
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