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Default Re: 50 Year Anniversary - Edmund Fitzgerald

Six-Fathom Shoal

Perhaps the most widely accepted of the four theories about the loss of the Fitzgerald is that the ship crossed Caribou Island’s Six-Fathom Shoal, which is located off the north end of the island with water as shallow as 26.5 feet. This contact or a near contact would damage the hull plate and allow water to begin accumulating inside the affected port side ballast tanks. Significantly, within a few minutes of passing the unmarked shoal, the Fitzgerald Captain Ernest McSorley reported a port list, missing vents and a fence rail down. Beyond that, Captain “Bernie” Cooper and Morgan Clark of the Anderson commented that his radar showed the - Fitzgerald to be closer to the shoal than he wanted his ship to be. Cooper's audio
Fitzgerald to be closer

to the shoal than he wanted
his ship to be

PSA Movie Clip "Broken" File 3.3 meg.
Despite many people accepting this as the most likely scenario for the sudden list and deck damage, the photographic evidence for such a grounding may exist. Every expedition to the freighter has reported that there is some scraping, gouging or damage to the rudder or propeller, which should show on the overturned bottom of the stern. Diving expeditions on the shoals soon may find new evidence of groundings by a ship.
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