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"I started in the 70's, and I still do it today, when I find the Lightfoot Cd's, I re-arrange all of them, and make sure they are on plain view, for everyone to see."

LOL - I do the same thing, also in the bookstore with favorite relatively unknown authors - put 'em up top on the shelf or on an end cap, pull the book face out instead of spine.

Half the time Gord's CDs are stuffed behind Linkin Park or someone, so I them in correct alphabetical order (it's the librarian in me <g&gt with Gord front and center. I think B&N lists him under a general "Pop" category; occasionally you might find him under "Folk".

Actually I *LIKE* the idea of a simple alphabetical arrangement by name of artist or group; it reduces the confusion for performers who cross over or record music in more than one genre.
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