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While I know that Lightfoot's music genre cannot be categorized easily, have you encountered any funny, weird, or otherwise interesting anecdotes regarding how he is....."stocked" in your local emporium ?

I'll start with: back in LP days in "record stores"..... I once encountered what must have been a fan of Lightfoot, as well as proprietor of a record shop.

He had all records simply alphabetized (no categories), and he said he only stocked what HE liked ! I went to the "L" section after determining this unusual sales scheme from him; and found instead of the name Lightfoot, a drawing in sharpie on the white divider of a foot ending in a Lightbulb.

Everybody's a comdedian... but it was original.

While now it seems GL is usually in the "Pop/Rock" where I live in Colorado, I've encountered a more specific designation lately, as I am sure we all have - Adult Contemopary (I heard Lightfoot say this in concert, it seemed to amuse him to no end at the time).

Meanwhile, back at the Light"bulb" ranch...
It was a one-man shop - the guy I talked to in it said he owned, operated, and otherwise ran it all by himself.

It was one of those early 70's weird mix stores of records, incense, T-shirts,and odd things that collectively used to be called at least where I grew up as a "head shop".

You could say it was one-stop shopping for "hippie-stuff" in the 60's and 70's in Cleveland.

There was ONE water bed with a tie-dye bed-spread on it on display in the center of the "sales"-floor, as well. Took up 1/2 the free space! Albums were around the perimeter of two walls.

Make no mistake - i went in 'cause it said "......Record Store" on the sign outside. Notwithstanding naivete on my part, I asked him "what are all those boxes for with brass inlays in the wood?", and he just started laughing and joking about not being in Kansas any more !??

I don't want to know. But I picked out one with a good north arrow compass rosette of brass inlaid in the wood. He rang me up, along with my new copy of Don Quixote, and said "Definately cool album man, Lightfoot is gooooood music, dude!

Any good memories ( or otherwise ) of how you found Lightfoot stocked in Rock/Pop/Country/Easy Listening/Alternative/Male Vocal in your years of collecting each and every album ?

- geo Steve
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