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It has become clearer to me that the decision to move this thread to the "Small Talk forum" was a good one as yet another addendum has come to the forefront of my brain regarding the "before the curtain comes down" phrase used earlier here.

After discovering that when you reach the age of 75 years you automatically become a member of a group referred to as "The Nearly Dead" which would include me. I've been around awhile. Not sure what the fringe benefits are though, if any.

An interesting note regarding Richard Harrison's book, "Once Upon A Red Eye" which is a most enjoyable and well put together piece of work (thank you Richard), I wanted to mention "The Bonding Power of Humour" chapter and how well it makes the complete package so very entertaining. Of course knowing who the players are it made me laugh till I nearly cried.

Humour and humans. That sounds like a clear link to a bond for sure. We always remember those who made us laugh.
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