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Default Re: Two Gord songs on an Aussie's funeral album

Orange juice
Wonderful Dave one of your chosen YouTube videos although a strange but interesting version is also very definitely on my personal life's soundtrack.In my final year at Imperial College London Uuniversity I shared a flat (apartment) near to Kew Gardens in London with three other students two of whom were on the same 5 year training course at Rolls Royce Derby. We started the year with very different musical tastes and therefore record collections but only the one old Dansette autochanger record player .However by the end of the year I think we all had grown to like all of the music we had been playing.
Oone of the others, Neil, had what has become my very favourite piece of classical music Rodrigo's superb "Concerto de Orange Juice " as the Grimethorpe Colliery Band conductor called it. But Neil's recording was by the very first Spanish guitarist who ever recorded the concerto one Narciso Yepes he even decided that his basic standard 6 string guitar was not good enough and invented a magnificent 10 string version and here is a wonderful YouTube video of him playing it. Eat your heart out Carter!!!But I did enjoy the Colliery band version especially the young trumpet soloist.
there is also a splendid jazz version by Miles Davis that is worth a listen and there are several audio only videos on YouYube
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