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Default Re: Two Gord songs on an Aussie's funeral album

I'm grateful for the feedback from FormerlyLavender, Martyn Miles and JohnFowles. As I PM'd to JohnFowles, I appreciated his IT suggestion, but I have no interest in becoming that IT-savvy and I decided not to post my funeral album cover on Corfid. Yes, after the four funeral tracks, the 15 album fillers turned out to be a "soundtrack of my life". I wanted to create a recording that would eventually be cherished by my twin daughters and any descendants they may have. I'm only doing it once. It's a representative sample of the music I've enjoyed from the 1970s to 2017. Ironically, it ended up with only two Australian artists (Shane Howard and Broderick Smith) and only one track sung by a female. If anyone wants to hear the (17 out of 19) tracks available on YouTube, they are as follows.

Cat Stevens “Whistlestar”:

James Taylor “You Can Close Your Eyes”:

Gordon Lightfoot “Carefree Highway”:

Jethro Tull “Elegy”:


Van Morrison “Snow in San Anselmo”

Van Morrison “Wild Children” (from live album 1974):

Bob Seger “Mainstreet”:

Peter Cetera “No Explanation”:

Mary Black “The Shadow”:

The Saw Doctors “All The Way From Tuam”:

Jackson Browne “I’m Alive”:

Shane Howard “Trouble”:
Not on YouTube

Broderick Smith “Walking On The Ribs Of The Land”:
Not on YouTube

Jethro Tull “Another Harry’s Bar”:

C Burwell/J Russo “Theme from Fargo” (TV series 3):

Grimethorpe Colliery Band “En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor”:

James Taylor “Enough To Be On Your Way”:

Cat Stevens “Two Fine People”:

Gordon Lightfoot “End Of All Time”:

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