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Default Re: Two Gord songs on an Aussie's funeral album

Originally Posted by Dave, Melbourne,Australia View Post
The album cover photo was taken during a poor attempt at air guitar back in 1980:
/Users/user/Desktop/Dave CD cover_Mixed.pdf
I invite any feedback from the Corfid community.
that it was a poor attempt may well be true, but although it was a super idea Dave I have to dare to make one trifling yet constructive criticism.
It is no earthly use posting the location of a pdf file if it is still only on your computer in your user's personal desktop folder. If you are using a Mac that I believe insists on making pdfs out of ordinary photos you'll be better off uploading the actual photo somewhere then displaying it using its internet URL and the "insert image" facility on the toolbar or attaching it (same difference)or providing the pdf is under 2MB attaching it to your posting in its own right. Just Sayin'!
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