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Default Re: JOHN FOWLES - assistance please

Wow wot a challenge. You have correctly posted your desired image's internet address (URL) I proved it by merely clicking it and up came the lightfoot family photo. To actually display it u then you have two choices(semi-automatic or manual).While the image is visible copy its address to your clipboard highlight it then press Ctrl + C
on the toolbar (at the top of the text input box) click the little rectangle with a small mountain on it (the third icon from the right if you hover our mouse's cursor over it a popup pops up clearly saying "insert image begorrah
A dialog box will pop up saying "please enter the URL of your image" with a box containing http:// which is highlit simply press the enter key and woosh it l disappear leaving an empty address box, Now with the cursor in the now empty box area simply press Ctrl + V to paste the address in from your clipboard. press OK and bingo
or the old longer method is to type the bulletin board's simplified tag [img] then paste in the URL then type the closing tag [/img]
i.e. [img]complete address[/img]
Those manual instructions can be seen if you scroil don on the linked page for "BB code" on
for your example therefore the exact syntax is to type [img]your URL complete with the http:// prefix then[/img]
I will type it below but put imz instead of img then type it again with img
Hrrmph you had the incorrect address it is actually in full
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