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Yes, it is a pretty nice venue. Saw John Prine ther, and Gordon twice. I used to work the video crew for Miss Virginia Pageant, so saw it behind the scenes too.

I could be totally off base, but as a guitar player, I had a sense everything was down a half or whole step. Others do that - Leo Kottke tunes down as low as B in regular tuning configuration.

It just seemed Gord's voice was in more of a comfort zone and it worked really well. I felt bad when I saw him in the past out of breath and vocal cords collapsing like weak reeds. Last night was strong.

He does his own thing in his own way, but if he followed the path that folks like Kristofferson, Cash, Neil Diamond, and Loretta Lynn have, he could turn out an honest earnest new album as a stripped down artist. But I know he won't.

I really appreciated the band last night. Mike laying down a pad, Rick like an emotional anchor, Barry hardly had much to do. carter shined on acoustic, and was understated on guitar. Sensed he could have cut loose but was restrained from doing so.
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