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Hour drive home! It was nice to meet Ellen at intermission!

Great show. Ellen has a set list. Triangle, then Watchman, then Don Quixote started the show.

I think maybe they tuned the instruments down a half or whole step because his lower register was much more present - far less vocal strain, almost none.

Guitars jangled well and Carter is amazing...rattling off what sounds like flat pick run playing in a classical finger style.

The show seemed very intimate, almost like a club show. Maybe it was the strong lower tones, maybe it was the hint of confident swagger Gord had. Let's face it - over the years he's been kinda shy and geeky on stage. Tonight he had swag.

Funny yet frustrating moment...drunk guy wanders to front of stage a few feet from Gord and is dancing to The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald! Band played on unphased, and usher escorted drunk out.

Camera police in full force...and with good reason: turn your iPhone camera flashes off people!

He added the song Now and Then into the mix, as well as Rather Press On.

Cool to see Rick's Facebook posts!

Tried to post from the show but couldn't log in on my phone...forgot password and it locked me out.

Late now. May post more impressions tomorrow.
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