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Default Re: is it a touch chilly in the UK??

Originally Posted by charlene View Post
24.8 is BELOW freezing.. = COLD.

we've had some glorious days here in Toronto - clear and sunny, slight breezes, temps around 65/70F but down to 40F or so..
Ok my comment was based on memories of skiing in the Montreal area iin the 60s. I remember the day I was the only one of my regular ski lesson class of 12 who turned up on an exceptionally cold day that had started with me having to push my car a few feet dowbhill to get into the basement level parking spot to give the oil a chance to warm up so that the engine could turn over then a 40 mile drive north to Sun Valley in Morin Heights

by the time I went to the ski lesson the temp had warmed up to a blistering -40F. the usual 2 hour lesson ended after one hour because my French Canadian instructor and I were just too friggin cold so Char don't try to say that 24.8F is in any way COLD!
That was the coldest that I have ever experienced
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