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Originally Posted by Jenney View Post
I was at Red Rocks several years ago, and took these pictures. He was there in 1974, 75 and 76.
nice one Jenney
those two july 1974 concerts do not appear on Wayne's 1974 page at:-
but both the 75 and 76 ones do on the later pages for those two years
It's not the first time I have heard of a 1974 concert not on Wayne's list: somewhere around here I have a cassette tape copy made for me by a kindly keen UK fan of the original tape that she made at London's Royal Albert Hall in I think June 1974, which is much the same set as the aborted 1974 Massey Hall bootleg
I was miffed when I heard about that London concert because since early 1970 I had been religiously poring over the Daily Telegraph each week in order to to find out (in those pre internet days) when Gordon would be in the UK, but I only found adverts for the June 1972 and May 1981 RAH concerts and therefore completely missed the 1974 one.
I have asked Wayne where he got his tour listings from and he replied that they came from the EMP office but their records only went back to 1974.
I think I read elsewhere though that Gord has a shelf at home with full details including the setlists of every concert he has performed and nowadays certainly Barry Keane has the job while on tour of transcribing a hand written setlist made by Chuck into a master record book
It is something of a mystery where Wayne gets his info nowadays as he obviously misses a fairly large proportion and I caught him out once when his setlist was obviously taken from one of our own corfid postings as it contained a sequence error that the corfid poster later admitted to making!
I am going to try to make the artwork for the rear CD jewel case insert for the 1974 red rocks concert (if I can refind the setlist that is)
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