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Icon14 Ballad Of The Yarmouth Castle- Lake & Rockwell

I tried to clean up the sound as best I could.
It made it on to the new two C.D. set by Rob Aptheker & Friends,
"Safe Journey".
All the MP3 audios can be downloaded for free as a promo.
We're gonna try to get as much play at the local radio station, WMNF,
as possible in the next 3 months.
Please feel free to download any original or cover tunes.
I am blessed by having had help by some very talented friends.
For more info or questions, you can email them to me at or
P.S. Charlene... My cover over C.R.R.T. didn't make it on the album, but I'll make a link for it and place it on here as you've suggested.
Robby lake
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