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Default Re: "My Love for You" - Los Angeles 1978

[quote=johnfowles;187270][QUOTE=paskatefan;187268] Some other cool things about the concert in LA. I remember that the Universal Amphitheater stage had trees on it - a pretty sight!

Are these the trees??

In fact it looks like they are no more because
(as found by Mr Google)
on a page dated April 2014 headed
Gibson Amphitheatre Marked for Demolition in September
"The Gibson Amphitheatre, a popular concert venue since opening in 1972 as the Universal Amphitheatre, will be leveled as early as October to make way for a Harry Potter attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood."That Potter feeler gets everywhere!!
I don't remember palm trees (I do remember some other kinds of trees, not necessarily tropical ones), but wow have things changed!
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