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Default Re: "My Love for You" - Los Angeles 1978

There have been a slew of rare gord song videos appearing here nowadays
Mostly cobbled together from assorted images and video clips by Char's favourite visualiser attaremad
I suspect that a few fans here would like to save the sound tracks of some of them.In particular the rare Magic Minstrel Show,
In My Time
and now this 1978 performance per Wayne's site on 22 August 1978 of the great song by Red Shea's brother Les, otherwise available as a "studio" recording used as the soundtrack backing for two scenes of the Harry Tracy movie and for those lucky enough to have it an ultra rare televised recording,as Char put it in her coment on a My Love for You YouTube video page at
Char commented
I have a tv recording of Gordon singing it at a Canadian awards show years ago. He was sitting on a stool wearing a red velvet jacket beside a woman playing the piano. It's terrific."
Char could you try to make a video file of it then upload it to YouTube for all to enjoy
there are sundry comments on other threads about making mp3s from these YouTube "videos".
For what its worth I have googled and found that there are indeed freeware programs to do just that but even easier and quicker there are several online conversion websites the first one I tried failed miserably but thefollowing site works a treat:-
you only have to paste in the YouTube URL select the quality wait a very short time then download. But note that the original might be only an mp3 itself so don't expect audiophile quality results!!
There are now a heap of corfid threads concerning My Love For You
here are a pair:-
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