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Default Re: Gord's Orillia Home

Originally Posted by brina View Post
What a lot of hooplah. I think it is great that they want to make it a heritage home. He sure deserves it. His songs have brought many , many hours of great listening. I grew up just a couple blocks from the Lightfoots on Nottawasaga Street. Passed their house many times over the years. Knew the family and were great people.
the gathering i was at was between Douglas and OBrien Streets

i can ask how old the place is....funny, there hasn't been much internet fan talk of the homestead over the years...did the gang get a group shot at the house when they journeyed to Orillia years ago? I'll bet limited time was a factor

gee, Gord's penned 300 tunes...Lucy Maud writes one book about a popular redhead and every place she ever even lived is a shrine, lol

any stories to share, brina?

ps) another vintage post, Ron!
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