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Default Re: Gord's Orillia Home

I realize it doesn't really matter any, but this Paul Hill fellow says in the first paragraph that he didn't realize that this was Gordon Lightfoot's boyhood home when he bought the house 10 years ago, then in the sixth paragraph he says: "I don't need some bureaucracy telling me what I can do with my house after I've owned it for 10 years," he said. "I bought the house from Gord and his mom... where was the city then?"

What are you saying Mr. Hill? that you didn't know who Gordon Lightfoot was?? Can't imagine any Canadian not knowing who Gordon Lightfoot is!

But Mr. Hill is absolutely correct in that he should have been notified prior to listing "his" house as a "municipal register of cultural heritage properties", and all that that would entail.

Still, pretty cool problem to have I'd say...
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