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Default Re: Gord's Orillia Home

After an eleven hour session of hibernating sleep the blinds went up to reveal yet another wet dreary day here in this rain forest town of Vancouver.

So it's into the kitchen and within moments the scent of strong coffee becomes prevalent.

After another glimpse out the window the decision is made that this is going to be "Another Lazy Mornin" for this "Jones" and "staying ahead of the keep-uppers" is just not on the agenda today.

So the old "Apple Imac" gets fired up and the Vancouver weather is "Looking at the Rain" as it has been for the last three days.

Ok, over to "Corfid" and yes it's Char at work and the post shows a pic of Gord's old house in Orillia. I recognize that house from Sept. while driving through Orillia on the way down to Toronto after attending a wedding in Huntsville. Ah what wonderful nostalgia. Thanks Char.

So I notice she's telling us that there's more birthday wishes up for Gord so I click that on, and from there another decision was made that I'm going to read them all as it was something I had planned on doing and what better a time for that to happen than right now.

So a "Second Cup of Coffee" steamed it's way onto my table and boy, what amazing fun this really is.

With enough time to read each and everyone the afternoon has arrived and even the rain seems to have petered off.

So I've just finished reading the last one and boy, did it ever hit home with me and firmed up the belief that the deep respect fans have for Gordon Lightfoot is very real.

Char your greeting was really well put together and even gave me the goose bumps, especially reading the part about the storm in Barrie. It could even be a song.

So now maybe it's a pint of brew that I took time to make town and stock, and who knows, if the rain holds off, at suppertime I might light my barbeque.

So it's the last day of November and it's been quite the month with "The Wreck" on the 10th, Gord's and Mike's B Days, the announcement that two concerts are on the agenda here in Vancouver next April and now we're left with the anticipation of the official dates of next November's announcement of the Massey Hall concerts in Toronto.

Well, I'll tell ya, life sure is pretty good to this "getting close to the 70 mark" guy.

Cheers to all with wishes that this last day of November is as good to you as it is for me. Ron J.
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