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Very good review, Mike. I was at The Maryland Theatre on Saturday, too, and you captured my thoughts about the concert, the theater and Hagerstown exactly. Never having been to that theater, I was concerned about what I'd find. When I walked in I was excited AND intimidated! I've never been that close to the stage for a performance by someone I admire so much. Even row N is up close and personal!! I realized while I sat there that there was no way I'd ever get the nerve to try to go backstage or "out back". Last summer was my first Lightfoot concert and that was at Wolf Trap...nosebleed section armed with binnoculars. For this one he was RIGHT THERE!! Oh, my! He looked a whole lot better this time than he did through binnoculars! Actually...I thought he looked better period.
The only distraction for me was the constant spotlight reflection off of Rich Haynes' guitar. I guess you could say I have the distinction of having been flashed by Rick Haynes
Yes, indeed, it was a great Mother's Day/birthday present!
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