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After a concert 3 years ago, my Dad & I waited outside behind the theater. We met & took photos of Terry, Barry & Mike and after an hour, Gordon & Rick came out. Gordon was very gracious with everyone, took the time to sign albums & have his picture taken with everyone. When I went up to him, I told him how much I enjoyed his music (I'm not very original) and he said a few lines to me. I was so excited & awestruck that I didn't even remember what he said just after he said it. I think he might have quoted something from a poem or a song, I don't know but I kick myself everytime I think about it.

Anyway, he was as nice as could be, soft spoken, pleasant, smiling. After he was done (or when the security man decided he was done) he walked over to a car which was parked next to my Dad's car, got in the passenger's side and with Rick driving, drove off. I thought that was funny, no limos, no fancy chauffeurs, no pretentions, just hop in the car in the parking lot.
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