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Default Re: An "etiquette" question

Through the years I have brought my piano guitar books from his albums to autograph. Once I had the illustrated book on the "Canadian Railroad Trilogy," I had him autograph that. Most recently he autographed our copy of the Nicolas Jennings' book. My most memorable autographed piece to date was a Big Book version of an elementary school text I found in my school's reading room (I am a retired ESL/ESOL teacher). I was in the reading teacher's room one day, looking for resources to use with my students. I came across a Big Book version of "The Big Fitz." I explained to the reading teacher that we were huge Gordon fans, and that I would love to show him the book @ our next concert. Well, not only did she let me keep the book, she let me have 2 copies of it! So, one I gave to Gordon, & one I kept for us. Gordon & the band autographed our copy, & I gave Gordon his copy to keep (I explained the whole thing about how I found it & how kind the reading teacher was about it). Every time he sees us after a concert, he continues to thank us for that book! He truly appreciates having it!

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