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Default Re: Zoomer magazine cover boy again!!!

This really is a wonderful post Char and thanks so much.
I tried to do one on Facebook but couldn't get it to work out so I'm much more comfortable here.

Reflecting back to the reference regarding Gord's favourite movie, Amadeus, I was so happy to know that as it is also my favourite and has been since it was first released.
I have the two disc set which includes the Director's Cut revealing the complete story as to how the movie was put together. It's a brilliant production and I never get tired watching it.
Much of the filming was done in the actual theatre in Prague where Mozart himself conducted the world premiere of his famous composition, "Don Giovanni."

There are several comments made by those involved regarding the effect they experienced just being in that theatre and participating.
Production designer, Patrizia Von Brandenstein said upon completion of the production: "we were part and parcel of something greater than we were."

There is a wonderful book I've had in my collection for many years called 'Men of Music" with individual chapters on the Great composers. It was written by Wallace Brockway and Herbert Weinstock and published by Simon and Schuster.
I wanted to share this with Gord so I delivered a copy to Barry Harvey, Gord's manager at the time who assured me that he would pass it onto Gord.
This was in the late seventies.
The literary style in which this book is written required me to have a copy of Webster's Dictionary handy in order to fully grasp the meaning of the many descriptive words being used.
There is of course a chapter on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart which has sparked me to go back and re-read that chapter especially since the movie has gained so much popularity.
It won eight Academy Awards.
An interesting highlight in that chapter reveals that Mozart's Father, Leopold had a notebook of pieces for his son to learn and that notebook included work by a composer named Johann Adolf Hasse. ( Hasse is the maiden name of Gord's wife, Kim)
This work combined with the works of other composers of the day was instilled in Mozart from a very young age so it would echo in his styles.

A final note re Mozart:
Keith Richards listens to Mozart every day. His book is a great read!
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