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Default Re: "Miguel" - original track recorded live, on St. Pete. Beach

Thanks JJ and Charlene and to the first person who posted. Last week I put the finishing touches on Sundown (my fomer drummer left his tamborine here for a week). That will be on very soon. Jim Gordon played drums on that album.
By the way, Jim Gordon, famously known for being in Eric Clapton's band and co writting "layla" with Clapton, would have been the opimum choice for Gord and the gang. He had worked as a studio drummer thru Warner Bros. for years; backing up a ton of icons from Joni Mitchell to Jose Feleciano.
I think he went nuts and they had to put him in an asylum. Very, Vey sad.
I'm also looking forward to doing some of my new tunes along with:
1 Spin, Spin
2 A Tree too Week To Stand
3 Cherokee Bend
with some songs by the late Jim Croce & Phil Ochs, C.S.N. and Ian Tyson.
Thanks to all of you from your comments! Keep 'em coming and don't hold back...this IS a therepy session. (only kidding!)
Robby lake
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