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Default Eau Claire, WI (9/21/22) Set List

I just returned from a quick trip to Eau Claire, Wisconsin to see Gordon.

Gord had opened the new Pablo Center when he was here in Sept. 2018. It is a beautiful but smaller concert facility at the confluence of the Chippewa and Eau Claire rivers in downtown Eau Claire. The main bowl of the hall looked sold out. About 60% of the balcony was full.

Opening act was Jake Wildhorn, a singer-songwriter out of New York state. He sang several of his own songs but ended with a cover of "Stand by Me."

Gord came out after about a 15-min intermission. He was dressed in his blue vest, white shirt and black jeans. Same outfit as on the cover of the "Live Massey Hall" CD.

Here is the set list:

1) The Watchman's Gone
2) Sweet Guinevere
3) Did She Mention My Name
4) Ribbon of Darkness
5) Sundown
6) Carefree Highway
7) 14 K Gold
8) If You Could Read My Mind
9) Make Way for the Lady
10) I'd Rather Press On
11) Rainy Day People
12) Song for a Winter's Night
13) Baby Step Back
14) Wreck of the E.F.
15) Early Morning Rain
16) Beautiful

Gord was in good spirits and voice. He had the day off before, so that maybe helped. Entertaining evening.
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