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Default Re: HOT DOCS-Lightfoot doc.-interviews/photos/articles-Apr-2019-AND TV viewing info

Originally Posted by lighthead2toe View Post
Very nice song there TG. It was sometimes difficult to hear the complete lyric as the keyboard tended to over power the vocal from time to time but I could hear the sentiment and it's really great to hear these kind of tunes being written. They send an important message. When a song is written and gets heard and listeners pick up on it the song will always be remembered.
Yes, Ron, I think the song came from a heartfelt place. Obviously the composer was hurt by all the criticism and wrote that in response. Interestingly, most of the criticisms centred around Chicago's supposedly bombastic sound and arrangements, so Robert Lamm decided to respond by recording a stripped down song -- just him and a piano:

[Verse 1]
What do you want
What do you want?
I'm giving everything I have
I'm even trying to see if there's more
Locked deep inside
I'll try I'll try
Can't you see
This is me

[Verse 2]
What do you need
What do you need
Is it someone just to hurt
So that you can appear to be smart?
Keep a steady job
Play God play God

What do you really know
You parasite you're dynamite
At oversight misunderstanding what you hear
Oh you're quick to cheer
And volunteer absurdities
Musical blasphemies
Oh Lord
Save us all
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