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Default Re: IT's time for a QUESTION:

good pics, L… not the obvious ones… I like how Farewell to Annabelle fades in also…who would have thunk it as a way to start and album, eh?

my pic would be Minstrel… runners up are tough… Somewhere USA and 14 Karat Gold …how I didnt pic, Restless, I'm not sure! … I'm not a Drifters fan

Joveski, I'm not sure what your top 5 are that you agree with, or your top pic?

there must be something in the water down there, lol

your list deserves a new thread… i think we did that but i can't find it… such a challenge… it's hard to find the right key word to revive some threads

i assume your choices are Bend in the Water and Wherefore and Why

you are missing an album… there are 20 standard ones… you have 20 songs listed but included GG2
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