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Besides the 10 times I've seen him in concert at Massey Hall in Toronto, I have to share this AWESOME true story with you folks now that I have discovered this AWESOME SITE!!!
Back in 2001, I was at the end of my life, literally. I was very, very, ill and had been for a long time. I was on over 1,000 pills a month and doctors had basically told me if things didn't turn around in a hurry that I may not have long to live.
For many years I had been a Lightfoot fan, and considered Gord to be the finest musician and lyricist that the country of Canada and the world had ever seen. I had listened closely to his music and his lyrics as a form of inspiration as it seemed Gord sang so many of his songs specifically for me.
Anyway, I decided one day to write him a letter at his Beaumont Road home and tell him exactly how much his music meant to me, especially in my time of illness, and how much comfort it has given me all these years. I had included a couple of questions at that time about the "lost 4 albums"(now on cd) and since I actually thought this letter would end up at his office, I included a phone number in case they just might call to give me some information.
Well, to my magnificently stunned surprise, Gord personally called me from his home only a month after I sent him the letter!! I was absolutely honoured that he took almost 2 hours out of his schedule to actually call me to talk about my illness, about our children, even about our personal battle with the bottle, and our love of the same great areas of nature! Sadly we had to hang up, yet two weeks later, I received an autographed picture that said "To Mike, Thanks for the great rap on the phone." Furthermore, he even took the time to send a beautiful colour autographed pic to my 13 year old son Shane who I mentioned was also becoming a big fan of his!
One year later I was happy to sent Mr. Lightfoot a card thanking him for giving me the shot of inspiration that I needed to fight on in life. I sent him another card after 2 years which he kindly responded to with a card of his own encouraging me to "keep on with the good fight". It's over 3 and a half years since that wonderful surprise I received from my musical icon and I wonder if he really knows what an incredible effect he had on me that night? He spoke to me like I was an old friend, as one Canadian brother to another, and for this, I will always keep Gordon Lightfoot close to my heart and in my deepest prayers.
Now, can anyone else share similar stories?
Mike from North Bay

"Sometimes I think it's a sin when I feeling like I'm winnin' when I'm losin' again." GL
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