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Default Re: Gordon on Boston Rock Talk

Sorry Tony but for me personally your well meaning post about a potentially interesting GL podcast only served to reinforce my long held distrust and dislike of anything to do with Apple or its ruddy Itunes (the last time I installed it as far as I can remember it it adopted the typical Apple holier than thou attitude and tried to take over my entire Windows media handling routines).
Anyway are those podcasts supposed to be free or wot??

Or is the definition shown for every podcast listed a blatant lie

because when I clicked that "view in itunes" link all I got was a quixotic popup referring me to the Microsoft store:-

Note that the only option shown is to visit the store even though Windws Media Player and umpteen freebies can satisfactorily play mp3s so I could only click OK and that in turn led me to a Microsoft store popup demanding the extortionate fee of $2,99 for wot should I consider be a completely free utility program that I already know can cause me a problem so where is the allegedly "free" podcast??

or was I missing something perhaps??
It is quite possible that you and I see now Char are using an Apple or other machine with itunes already installed and therefore knew nothing of this problem. If so dare I suggest that one of you download the mp3 then contrive to upload it to YouTube as a freely viewable/audible Audio/Video??
(I very much doubt if Apple or Microshaft would be sending any of the $2.99s they might receive to Gordon anyway)

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