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Default Re: - enjoyable talk via friendly posts

Hey Steve,
Guess what I had for dinner tonight???? Spaghetti

You know, your thread about finding old items in desk drawers and trunks made me think of an experience I had a while back.
I was looking up the family history on a website and found my maternal grandmother's information. I had no idea it was there, but a strange twist of fate helped me locate it.

Anyway, my grandmother was an exceptional person in all ways. Very loving and strong...good natured, spiritual...loved the world around her. She was very special.

I always knew that she had come from Kansas and that she had lost her parents at a young age but she never really told me the story.
I found out that she was only five when both of her parents died within a month of each other in an epidemic. I can't remember from what exactly but it also took two of her older siblings.
She was the baby of the family, the other seven children survived the outbreak.

I have to post this much or I will get kicked offline.
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